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i have only been playing for about 7 months is it to short of time to start a band?

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DO it...i recomend it!
It will only help you. even if you dont become famous! Keep it up!

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I was in a band playing night clubs 6 months after I began playing. 25 and some odd years later I'm still doin' it, goin' to play a gig tonight here in about an hour. If you love it, embrace it. Enjoy every second of it!  The amount of time is pretty insignificant, it's how one uses ones' time preparing and striving to meet goals. Make starting a band your goal and go get it!!! Best of luck to you.

Peace and Guitars,

Give everything but up.

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thx and i do really love playing guitar i do it ALL the time its like i cant get enough of it, so thx again for the comments fightclub09 and SouthPaw41L

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no coz i started a band after 5 months playing

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