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1.) I have read recently that most rock guitarists do not use a pentatonic scale but a sort of hybrid pentatonic/mixolodian.  and if this is true can any one tell me how to play it?

2.) Does anyone know any good practicing techniques to increase finger speed and accuracy?

3.) When I solo on any given song it kind of sounds the same as the previous solo of the last song...its all kind of bland any ideas?

Thank you...if you have answers.

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Re: Soloing scale questions

1) AKAIK there's no one special rock scale, if anything I'd say the minor pentatonics account for most rock. Don't get hung up on right or wrong scales. Try them out and see what works.

3) Try singing what you are playing, just making mouth noises that match the notes. Immediately you should find that if what you are 'singing' is dull then you'll adjust how you are playing to be more expressive. You'll also notice that when the pros play scorching solos they make faces and move their lips (Joe Walsh certainly does) which comes from this technique.

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Re: Soloing scale questions

If you can play a major scale, you can play myxolydian mode.

Start playing on the 5th note, and play all the way through to the octave.  Presto:  Myxolidan.

Modal scales are all based on that pattern.

I - Ionian (a.k.a. Major scale)
II - Dorian
III - Phrygian
IV - Lydian
V - Myxolidian
VI - Aolean (a.k.a. Minor scale)
VII - Locrian

You can't just play any scale over any chord though.  You should know when it's appropriate to play a minor scale, or a myxolidian scale, or whatever.

Myxolidian plays well over Dominant 7 chords.

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Re: Soloing scale questions

thank you guys I am tryin the mouth thing and that seems to help also recording has lent me some more....em..cant think of the word....
any way thank you guys again

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