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Topic: What is your "perfect" tone setting on your amp?

This is something I'd like to hear ... what amp settings do you guys use on your amp?  What effects do you us most often?  More specifically, what is "Your" tone?

I know that's one thing everyone looks for is the "perfect" tone they love ... Id like to see what you guys use and how it sounds

Granted I know everyone has different amps, etc ... but I find that is the HARDEST thing to find ... that perfect tone that you love and use almost always ...

I have my Line6 Spider III amp with presets, etc ... and so far I've only been able to find a classic rock tone for my Les Paul that is about 80% of the tone I'm looking for ...

For the most part of my settings as follows:
BASS - 6
MID - 8

I'd like to hear your guys opinion on your settings for YOUR tone and what you love ... even if you've found you're "perfect" tone ... Im just curious to see how long it took you to find it

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