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Hi guys i'm looking for some advise, i've decided to learn to play the ukulele.
I have been playing the guitar for about a year now, it's coming along and having fun, however can i still play my favourite songs ie billy currington, shania twain, nickel with it.
Where can i found the chords for the songs special for the ukulele?

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Hi billiesgirl & welcome to chordie!

Any song can be played with a ukulele - one great feature of chordie is that you can set your preference to display ukulele chords (or banjo or mandolin, etc) with all the songs.

Here is how to do that:
Log in and go to the 'Resources' page (between 'My Songbook' and 'Forum').
Now, go to 'Your Account' and click on 'Change Settings (instrument/tunings)'.
Select your preference, and now all your songs will automatically show ukulele chord charts.

Here's a couple of cool sites that have great resources and other links just for ukes:
Ukulele Boogaloo
Ukulele Beatles Fun!

Hope this is helpful, James

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Re: Ukulele songs

Thankyou very much, that very kind of you to reply. smile

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Hi Billiesgirl and like james said Welcome.

I bought a Uke last year and I love it ( not played it in a while though). I have that site saved on my favourites too, it is a great site. BUT I tend to look up songs in Chordie and just change the instrument to UKE then it gives you the chords for the uke rather than guitar.
Some songs I would never think of playing on the guitar I can play on the uke.

Good luck with it, it is fun even if others think it is a toy instrument and laugh when they see the size of it. I have had all jibes thrown at me when I pull it out.


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