Topic: METAL and the subdivisions

Why the subdivisions?
- Bands as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath are in my eyes NO HEAVY METAL bands, they are often "labeled" as METAL bands, which leads me to the conclusion that there is probably a thin line between these kind of bands and metal bands.
I COUNTED 19 DIFFERENT METAL STYLES, from Folk metal to gothic, trash, speed metal and many more.
I saw once a concert of the band SEPULTURA, and I hated the style they had = voice, very fast and really noisy.
MY QUESTION IS = Can you consider THIS STYLE AS MUSIC?? Same for Anthrax, Motorhead.
- Bands like Crowbar, Acid Bath and Eyehategod = SLUDGE METAL
- Queensr├┐che = PROGRESSIVE METAL
- Slipknot, Linkin Park, Korn = NU METAL
I can go on but in fact the only decent METAL is probably NU METAL, because you get at least more melody compared to a lot of others where you don't find a melody.
Just STRUM as hard as you can, lower your strings and there you go. Nobody understands what you sing and they all look the same.
The ONLY music style where a lot of songs sound the same = BLUES. I have a lot Fleetwood Mac albums, and on 1 album song number 5 started COMPLETE IDENTICAL for at least 40 seconds as song number 4.
It would be great to read other opinions because, even working very hard on this topic, especially looking for some bands, listen to some songs is what I DID so this is SUBJECTIVE, even with trying to be OBJECTIVE by searching so hard.

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Re: METAL and the subdivisions

I dont see any of it as "metal" with subdivisions, I see it all as ROCK with subdivisions.
MEtal to me is a subdivision of ROCK.

( I am liking this word " SUBDIVISION" good name for a band)

I hate sepatura as well, too fast to hear actual notes from anything. drums have no beat as such, just a rumble.
Iron maiden I would class as METAL along with judas priest, black sabbath, dio and the likes.

The I would class acdc as heavy rock
Chili peppers as funk rock
tom petty folk rock
eagles country rock
supertramp ,,, soft rock
sex pistols   punk rock
metallica ( old stuff Thrash metal, wit hmetal being a subdivison of rock) getting confusing now
neil diamond   easy listening rock
guns n roses.... sleaze rock
slade.....glam rock
the who.....ROCk,,, just Rock
gary newman......electronic rock
nirvana....grunge rock
cant think who for progressive rock

gee whiz man, lots of rocks there, so many you could build a house.


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Re: METAL and the subdivisions

Ken / Doc

I agree ... you get so many subdivisions of Metal/Rock it's unreal ... maybe it's a sign of the times ... the new "youth" movement, etc ... I grew up when there was just Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, etc ... no subdivisions, etc ... once the mid-80's came around Glam Rock came out, then Thrash, etc ... granted I know probably when the 60's transpired to the 70's people said the same thing about Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin etc and were wondering what do you call that?

I think of bands like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Boston, Bad Company, Cream, Foreigner, Queen, Stones, etc as Classic Rock ... stripped down, bare rock sounds

Metal I consider like Ken said, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dio, Ozzy, etc

I think all of the ones we talked about are the roots of a genre ... a "building block" so to speak that all the new "subgenres" base their roots too ... like Blues is the root to all rock ... everything else is the tree growing from it and you have different branches coming off all over the place

Like you guys, I can't stand music I don't "hear" ... if you can't distinguish the instruments and what the guy is singing it's crap to me

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Re: METAL and the subdivisions

I think you guys are as close as you're going to get to defining metal annd hard rock. There will always be bands that sit in the fence of multiple genres. I agree with Doc that Zepp and Sabbath are not metal. I've always associated metal with speed/tempo in addition to rock and roll feel. There are some bands that are easily classified as Metal (like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden) but others that are sometimes lumped in....Does anybody remember Jethro Tull winning Metal Album of the Year (I think it was a Grammy). Priceless example of no clue

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