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I started playing about a month ago and

im looking for a good starter song

I have memorized almost every basic chord there is

except for b and f! I have a pretty good vocal range . so thats not gonna be a problem

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Try the 2-3-4 chord songbook. Not many F's or B's there.

Good Luck!


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hi i thick you shoud try playing the song

walk by pantera it's easy

<a href="" target="_blank"> … int.php?what=tab&id=261846</a>

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Knockin' on Heaven's Door-Bob Dylan.

You can't go wrong with Bob.

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what is that and where can i find it

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the 2-3-4 chord songbook is here:

<a href="" target="_blank"> … s&song id=32188</a>

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<b></b><font color="darkblue"></font> Yes Bob dylan's ''Knocking on Heavens Door'' is simpel to play but not that fun for beginners I think. I have soon played a Year now (in an age of 15) and I think You should look here <a href="" target="_blank"> … ok=My%20so ngbook</a>   Or   here   <a href="" target="_blank"> … ok=the%20b est%20of%20the%20best</a>   these are my two songbooks that can come in handy=P (sorry my English sucks.. but I'm drom Norway.. =P) good luck

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as said, knocking on heavens door.


house of the rising sun,

country roads

otherside ( chili peppers)

polly ( nirvanna)

used to love her ( guns roses)

hotel yorba ( white stripes)

breakfast at tiffaneys

it really depends what you like and what your voice can sing, if you are planning to sing or just play.

hope that helps you start off


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending

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what sort of music do you enjoy? liking the music you play helps a lot to your enjoyment.

please let me know and i'll make some suggestions and give you chords if you would like them

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Re: Good starter songs

If there is a song with F or B on lots of those on the Chordie site, you can hit the TRANSPOSE CHORD bar and alter the chords as it suits you.

If you have a problem 'barring' (as I do 'cos I had a hand injury) you can play F on 1st 5 strings only and - 'Lonnie Donnegan' style - use thumb on 6th, dead opposite ist finger that holds down 1st 2 strings.  Working up the neck using SAME finger placings (and thumb)plays F# G Ab A Bb and your B etc

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John Denver Country roads was my first one.

No Fs or Bs in that one.

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my first song was peaceful easy fealing by the eagles

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: "Henry Lee"

It's only got four chords (am, dm, c, g) and is beautiful (and a bit macabre <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">)