Topic: How do i play/read this?

E----------------------------------------------------------- ---

   B---4-----7-----4-----7-----4-----7-----5--X-X--11--9--7--5- -7-

   G---4-----8-----4-----8-----4-----8-----6--X-X--11--9--8--6- -8-

   D---4-----8-----4-----8-----4-----8-----6--X-X--11--9--8--6- -8-

   A---2-----6-----2-----6-----2-----6-----4--X-X--9---7--6--4- -6-

   E----------------------------------------------------------- ---

Im really stuck, i dont know how to read this at all......maybe i should have stuck to my acoustic guitar till i learned to play lol

Re: How do i play/read this?

to play dem chords, try B- bar chord @7th fret,-D(sharp)min @ 6th fret ignore (mute)thin E string, HOPE THAT HELPS A LITTLE ? DA HIXXSTAR  U.K. Also the X's are muted note's,

B - D sharp min X3

C sharp minor - Mute X2

F sharp - E

Dshp/min-Cshp/min-Dshp/min...mute them a little first to get the 'feel' G/LUCK..

Re: How do i play/read this?

hixxstar might have confused you or maybe not,not trying to slam the hixster at reading your question i can get an idea of where your at with the guitar.lets look at it like this. what you are looking at is the neck of the guitar,but remember your top string on your guitar is the bottom string

on that chart,basically its upside down.the numbers you see are the fret locations where you put your fingers,the xxx's you see are muted strings which means barely lay your fingers on them not pushing down to hard and it will give you a chucka chucka sound when you strum them.

in the 1st chord pattern on that chart you could use your index finger to fret the A-string on the 2nd fret and you could use your ring finger to lay across theD,G,B strings on the 4th fret.hope this helps,anymore questions just ask.

good luck.... remember the chart is upsidedown.