Topic: Guitar input jack problems

On one of my guitars, when I plug it in, it does not work. I've tried two other cords and tried plugging it into other guitars and it works fine so i'm pretty sure it's the input jack in the guitar. I also have checked and the cable is in the right hole,the volume is on,and the guitar volume is on, so i have no idea what the problem is. Please help me out. I've been playing for a long time but i'm not very technical and i don't want to have to take it to a shop when i can probably fix it with your help.


Re: Guitar input jack problems

Gnomerfry, if'n you done tried 3 different chords with the same results I would guess the fault is with the jack in the guitar. I just had to have one put in and its not that expensive. Since there is a guitar repair shop 1/2 block from my office I took it there and let them do the repair. Since this will require some soldering, if you have limited experience, it would be better to let the professionals do the repair.


Re: Guitar input jack problems

You can loosen the nut holding the jack in place and gently pull it free of the guitar (on some models, like an LP it is easier to just remove the mounting plate instead. Once you can see the back of the jack you can tell which of the 2 common problems you have: 1. one of the 2 wires is broken at the point it connects to the jack - fixed by resoldering, or 2. the springy blades on the back of the jack, have spread apart and no longer make good contact when you plug in - fixed by gently squeezing them back together.

Even if you need a new jack, one can be installed for just a few bucks, in about 10 minutes.