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I read so often "songs to play in church, amps and guitars to play in church"
Here in EUROPE we don't have that playing in church, so a few questions.
- In what church do most of you play? You have SO MANY DIFFERENT RELIGIONS to end up finally with JESUS & GOD.
- is it typical for "baptists" or "protestants"?
I remember me negotiating 15 yeras ago to settle me in the USA and practice there.One of the first things they told me was that I needed to choose and go to Church.

SO IS RELIGION IN THE USA SO IMPORTANT? In Europe and especially in Belgium the churches get more empty every year.
And I really still don't get it, why "churches" are so important in your country.
My APOLOGIES for asking this. I hope I didn't hurt people by asking this.

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Re: I still don't get it

The first amendment of the US contitution protects Freedom of religion, and prohibits the State from establishing one.  this lets any preacher who has the means to start his own church,  but most are affiliated with the major denominations.  Almost every church I have been in has a choir or band made up from members,  many profesional musicians get their start in church.  there are a great number of traditional hymns and spirituals that are preformed during services.

It would be illegal (not to mention tacky) to require church membership and attendance as a condition of employment.  Freedom of religion also grants freedom from religion.

Re: I still don't get it


Churches are important in many communities but not all.  Remember that there is one God (my viewpoint) but he established ZERO religions.  All religions are man-made sets of rules for behavior and worship.  God is all about one-on-one relationship.  That is not meant to run down religion, because I think communal worship is important, and I think many people can almost always do more good than one.  Religion has its place, but it is not a substitute for God or a substitute for a relationship with God. 

There is no obligation to attend church in America.  If you took that impression, either you misunderstood or the person misinformed you.  In some small towns, it would be difficult for you to make many contacts without attending a church.  There is a strong and real component of community wrapped up in churches in many smaller towns.  However, there is no obligation or requirement.  In fact, we have laws here that PREVENT employers from considering religion when hiring, promoting, demoting, or taking any other official employment action. 

About music: attendance at churches here are waning too.  Some churches found that a lot of people couldn't relate to the 18th and 19th century hymns that were being sung.  So, for a variety of reasons but mostly so that people could use the singing portion of the service for meaningful worship time and also so that people attending could relate to the music better, some churches began using "contemporary" music rather than the old Wesleyan style hymns.  Many churches mix it up, doing some of each.  Some worship and praise bands have started doing modernized "rock" versions of the old hymns.  They have so much meat in the lyrics that they're hard to ignore, but the style can be offputting to some.  There's a lot of different ways that music is handled. 

When I was playing in a worship & praise band, it didn't matter how we wanted to sound, everything came out as bluesy folk/pop.  We played hymns, contemporary Christian, Christian rock, and even regular music you'd hear on the radio that has a spiritual component if it fit into the theme of the sermon.  But it all sounded like bluesy folk/pop because of the odd mix of people playing.  I have a blues background on bass.  The lead guitarist is a metal-head.  The worship leader/rhythm guitarist was a folk singer, and the drummer was self-taught listening to Christian rock.  So we had blues, rock, folk, metal all represented in the band.  Blend it together and you get blues folk/pop. 

Hope that answers some questions.  If it doesn't, next time you're in the states if you are in my neck of the woods (northern Virginia), I'll be happy to take you to church with me and introduce you to the band and our worship leader.

- Zurf

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Re: I still don't get it

I am from america and personaly i think the only reason people worship god is because they like the idea of getting treat in a heavnly way when they die. theres to much conflict and fighting over religion. but i agree its harder to find people who dont believe in god.

The problem with the world is people having lack of commen sense...and warning labels. So if we remove warning labels the problem will fix itself.

Re: I still don't get it

Is this an actual music/guitar question or just a simple why are people so religious?


I am sure through google it will answer all religious questions. or the very many religious sites that are online. I thought and I know this is a music site.

This is not even a question just on music in a church which would not be as bad, but then we have went through quite a few threads on music in church.

im not hurt by the original questions, i am just sick of seeing them, same old questions arising on a music site

just my point of view


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