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Few people accept profanity in the USA, (in Europe they don't care that much about lyrics), so HOW can you explain that so many rappers with so much profanity in their songs succeed to sell millions of records.

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Angry lyrics for angry songs for angry people. Raps target audience is huge. sad

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i hate rap, i dont need it and i dont want to hear it! as you say; it's all about profanity, fighting gangs and shooting people. i much prefer the inocense of the 60's when if you made a sexual reference it had to be so veiled. remember the storm over lennon saying "bloody" on "i am the walrus"?
i know it's a bit over the top saying all rap songs are the same, i dare say there are some out there that are more relevant to peace and love and getting knife crime off the streets, without lewd sexual references, and offering peace and harmony to everyone, regardless of race or religion, but i have not heard one yet

"music was my first love and it will be my last" as the song goes, but rap is tuneless, and who is going to remember all the words in a years time, i know almost all the words to almost all the beatles songs, 40 years on, and i'm not alone there.


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I wouldnt say it is all for angry people.

I dont really like rap but I do like...very much like quite a bit of eminem stuff.

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The rap "artists" sense that their product is on a rapid decline and the combining efforts with their peers is an act of desperation. How many ways can one say, "look at how much money I have and I'll shoot you if you disrespect me"? Society on the whole, I feel, is wise to the unitopical, self-grandiose attitudes. I'd like to think ,as a whole ,our universe has evolved beyond the gangster attitudes and scare tactics of the majority of these "artists". Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boyz, MC Young; that was good stuff. These guys had multi-topical content, real musicians playing along side them, and could make fun of others and themselves without fearing a coward poppin' a cap in day butts.(getting shot) The rappers of today; Eminem, 50 cent, Jay Z, Ludacris, and the like are all saying the exact same thing with a slightly variated delivery. I find it unlistenable........

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Rap Music is designed for and targeted at white addolesent males, to be popular it must scare their parents.