Topic: Proper pick selection

What is the best type of pick to use for a beginner

like myself?

I tend to look for the softest one,It does help me with strumming.

I'm now a year in on playing and wondering if I should change to a harder one or keep going with What works.

I have not started doing any picking yet,I guess I

don't feel comfortable to do that just yet.

But when I do, should I use a soft pick or medium, or hard,

or does it even matter?

Please help


Re: Proper pick selection

i use dunlop .50mm plec there ok with soft music & rock with heavy plecs you play  heavy you could brake strings

Re: Proper pick selection

hi ron

I tihnk it makes a difference to the sound whether you use soft or hard, but it depends what sort of sound you want and what you are comfortable playing with.

I use a few different plectrums but not for different sounds, just because I never buy the same one  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">  and I have a habit of leaving them lying around and when I go to take one out my wee p[lectrum dispenser I have stuck on my guitar it is a different one.

right now I am using chordie's own picks along with a dunlop .60mm, the chordie ones are thicker.

I like ones around the .60mm - .75mm. I find that under .60mm is too flimsy but then it all depends on what you feel comfy with.


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending

Re: Proper pick selection

I do not think there are any hard and fast rules with this one Ron. I think you should use whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever produces the sound you want to hear. They are not too expensive so why not get a selection and find what suits you.

As an aside, where does one get Chordie plectrums from Ken? I have never seen them in my local music stores mind you I am in Portugal but if they are available in the UK I can soon get some sent over.


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