Topic: Launceston, Nr Devon! Busking!

Young 47 female,looking for anyone interested in getting repetoire up together in view of busking? I can sing a bit and would like to sing with someone out the harmonies etc.Types of music: Squeeze, Beatles,Reggae,Ska,summer kind of songs...Everybody's gotta learn sometimes Korgis, World of water, Sanctuary,Living by Numbers New Musik,Funky stuff,Mowtown,all sorts of stuff!!
This has been a dream of mine and it would be fantastic do at long last!! So come on...please get in touch!!Age doesn't matter or sex, the main thing is, that we click musically and we have a bloody good time!! Thankyou!


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Re: Launceston, Nr Devon! Busking!

Am trying to find accoustic bluegrass /country/ skiffle like minded people in the plymouth area for possible gigs etc... you sound like the kind of singer needed.

any resemblance to my songs sounding anything like the original is highly unlikely.