Topic: open tunings and scales

So the regular old pentatonic wont work right of course when Im in an open key, and I need something to work with because picking is alot of fun that way. Anybody know of there's a set of scales I can learn in an open tuning?

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Re: open tunings and scales

Scroll down to the tuning options, select your tuning of choice, key of desire scale, and mode of desired scale, then the scale will appear above on the fretboard layout.

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Re: open tunings and scales

Pentatonics will work fine if you're in an open key, but the patterns you're used to playing won't.   

You'll just need to re-learn the scale patterns for it.  Toney's link provides a pretty useful tool to help sort you out.

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Re: open tunings and scales

Exactly. It's not any special scales for an open tuning but the pattern on the guitar will change. It's a good thing working with some ear training to be able to find the scale just using your ear. If you know how an pentatonic scale sounds like you can find the pattern on the guitar real easy even if you play with an open tuning!


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