Topic: Tuning?

Hi chordians

well ave gone and bought a ukelele,just a cheap "vintage" am having trouble tuning it.
The strings were slack and need tightening and tune up!,Can i get away with a guitar tuner?
ave got a korg, a Yamaha and a clip on  "Arion" model mdoes give G for guitar B and C key of C  ?

i think C is for Violins etc are any suitable? and whats the best setup?

regards micky

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Re: Tuning?

HI Micky

yep you can use a guitar tuner. it will still get the note.

Also a word on tuning the Uke if it is new. You will find it goes out of tune a lot for a little while but once the string settle it is not bad. Not as good as a guitar at staying in tune though.


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending