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Just been looking at Guitarpix new addition.can smell it from here pix..but wondered can
you folks tell an ol' timer how you get a picture in your post? they look so good like Badeye's
garden thread. Make it simple please lol

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Hi Flatpicker 55
You use the img tags.. ie  between the tags you place the link to your image hosted at another website...

This is an example given at the bottom [img]tag link at the bottom of the message box


Re: How to post pic's

You trying to say my new guitar stinks!!! mad lol

Posting pics is actually quite simple..Go to the pic you want to post and right click on it. Select properties and copy the http code for it. Then when you are posting add this [img]then your http address for the pic here and end with[/img] and waa la!

If it's a personal pic that you took, it has to be hosted by a photo site like flickr or photobucket to obtain an http address. So you'll need to upload it first. -Pix

*Posting pics is a very valuable tool!! Unfortunately, it can be easily exploited.. Let's make sure we keep them all clean and topic related.*

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Re: How to post pic's

Arkady & Pix thanks for the information ,will do my best...
Hey pix no disrespect intended on that fine looking instrument
Now my old thing smells of BBQ sauce and Beer....Arrrr happy days!

                            Cheers Mark