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i find classical music pretty boring.  i started out a while ago and my teacher would always throw me a song or two.  that might be the only thing that kept me going!  i do think classical music build skills though, and at least i know how to read real music now. (i prefer tabs)despite all this, classical music is a great way to build strategy and start out.  What do you think?

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Well there's stretching your range and skills and then there's inappropriate choices. You could try playing ragtime but it's a style that has little resonance today. Likewise whilst it would be interesting for you to play with a steel slide in lap position that's another specialist niche.

Your tutor should be looking to build up chords and rythmic strumming, fingerpicking, barres and runs. Basic Am Em pentatonic scales and soloing. But the music must have relevance to you.

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thanks for the info.  my guitar teacher has had me doing things i love.  these include bar chords, solos, licks, and mostly blues.  i also kind of like writing power chord songs.  thanks again!

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im a big fan of grunge and alt. rock. i started out finger picking on an old beat up acoustic. i think that classical music has a few good advantages. like in moonlight sonota, you have to do some pretty weird chords that are near impossible for beginners

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i think it's good to learn anything that you aren't familiar with. A lot of classical techniuqe can be used in other styles like metal(Steve Vai), folk (Simon and Garfunkle), Blues and even Bluegrass. Stick with it dude!!! You will really be happy you did. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cool.gif" border=0 alt="Cool">

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