Topic: Chords explaination plz

Hi chordians,

                      Ave come across a song with chords like the following D/C,  G/B, D/A,

cant find the in any charts i have in this layout , i dont think its a quick chord change?

Anyone enlighten me plz

cheers micky

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Re: Chords explaination plz

Those would be slash Chords.

Example: D/C is basically a D-Chord, but you stack a C on top of it in the bass. Play it X30232. That is an unusual one. The C#/D is more common.

Check out ABBA chord files here, for example, they used slash chords a lot and it does wonderful things to the melody.


Re: Chords explaination plz

Hey Micky,

Here's a great website for chords, beginner and advanced.  They have a "slash" chords drop down list.  The great thing is that it shows you how to play it and you can hear it too. … ex_db.html


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Re: Chords explaination plz

Hi Micky,
These chords are called split chords. For example a D/C chord can be broken down like so; the D would be the right hand on a piano and the C would be the left hand on piano. Here's a great chord site that practically deals with thousands of chords, including the "split" chords that you seek.

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Re: Chords explaination plz

Hi Micky lots of good advice from the above, basically a slash chord like D/F# or C/D (or any  slash chord) can be explained as the left side of the slash is the chord name and the right side  of the slash is the lowest note in the chord so a C/D is a C chord with a D on the bottom smile

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