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Topic: Help With New Strings!

This is a link I received from the guitar guild  I belong to sent out.I restrung my acoustic guitar this way and it works very well.
I have retrung my guitars for years but I thought this was very good!


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Re: Help With New Strings!


that was pretty useful. Cutting the strings before winding them on. I will remember this for next time.

Also the tuning new strings for stretching and where to start tuning, makes very good sense but something I have never done. I will also try this out too



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Re: Help With New Strings!

This was a fantastic vid Wlbaye! Until the cutting I thought "So what," but I think every forum participant and lurker will soon be doing this!!!

Why did Faith who supplied and recommended only Elixir strings stop dealing with them, anyone know?

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Re: Help With New Strings!

I usually measure the string a little past the next peg and hold it,cut it and put it in the hole and make a 1/4 inch bend around the post in the opposite direction I'm winding it and keep the wind at the bottom of the post or peg this helps keep the string from slipping I keep tension on the string as I wind it once this is done I bend the short end to the post so there's no chance of pricking my finger on the point smile

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Re: Help With New Strings!

That was a good vid, I cut mine after they are all on, trim em with sidecutters. I'd be nervous of cutting one too short. lol

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Re: Help With New Strings!

I, also have always cut my new strings after winding them on, stretching them a little, them "playing them in".
However I see a benefit in cutting the strings first.
You can be sure, after inserting the right amount of the free end through the hole to be able to crank just the right number of turns to have enough so the string won't slip. There is also less danger of accidentally (my being blind as well as careless) cutting one of the new strings.

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Re: Help With New Strings!

yeah excellent vid  will be changing my strings this way from now on!

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Re: Help With New Strings!

Me too

Re: Help With New Strings!

Thanks for posting that clip Wlbaye I had an old Black&Decker electric screwdriver
knocking around so charged it up and glued a Hex bit in the end of a rubber bung
the type you use in a wine making jar and machined a slot in the top ... its superb!!
Trouble is got to wait till I need to change strings again now lol

Re: Help With New Strings!

if manufactures know this why are the  trings so long in the first place