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After a long walk and a few beers in a country pub with family and friends on Sunday, we returned to friends house for a BBQ and a few beers.  My mate has been learning the same time as me (it was a joint venture) and only once have we tried to play together, that was after a month or 6 weeks and to be honest neither of us were at a good enough standard to play together.

On Sunday evening we were joined by the brother-in-law of my mate who is an accomplished player having played in bands.  He brought his guitar and the three of us retreated to the kitchen for a few more beers.  I was pretty nervous playing in front of company for the first time but after a while it was fine.  Despite having had a few beers and my fingers not working as they should we blasted away for ages, it was absolutely fantastic (not the music but the feeling), every hair on my body stood on end as we played Zombie by the Cranberries.  Everyone in the other room seemed impressed!

I was totally hooked before Sunday but after the jam I am absolutely resolute that I will get to a standard where I can play confidently in comapny! 

What a feeling!

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Re: My first Jam - What a buzz!

Cool feeling.

I've been trying to learn guitar and played some with others.   It is fun to follow along.

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Re: My first Jam - What a buzz!

well done crevs,
I remember my first time playing to freinds, that was nervous enough. Then first time i played in a band in a pub, i was petrified.
Even now when i go to pubs to play and sing I get nervous but after I get to the end of the song and take a few gulps of beer I feel fine, especially when folk seem to enjoy it.

Keep up the playing and in front of others, it does get easier as you gain more confidence


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Re: My first Jam - What a buzz!

WOOHOO!!!! Awesome!! Congrats on getting up in front of the crowd.
Also congrats on playing Zombie by the Cranberries. That's the song that my friends Jamaica, Adelina and I always play when we jam.


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Re: My first Jam - What a buzz!

There is no feeling like that!! making music, whether your good or bad, it's a natural high!!

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