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My amazing almost Six year old daughter wrote me a song!

There I was strumming away and she came to me with these words singing this little song that she says is about me!

I am going to post this little beauty for you exactly how she gave it to me, spellings and all!

Sciyse is a Gray ( title)

Wen sciyse a gray

You Mummy make my hart nis

and you make me hapy.

For all of you struggling with the linguo this is what she meant!

Sky is a Grey

When skies are grey
You Mummy make my heart nice
and you make me happy

Short and sweet! Isn't she talented!?

Re: From my six year old... about me

She's wonderful - encourage her!

Wish my spelling was as evocative !

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Re: From my six year old... about me

Brilliant, a raw, developing talent. Well done to your little one.


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Mummies pride and joy...lovely, nice to hear the words of a child.  smile
Thanks for sharing..

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Re: From my six year old... about me

Thats awesome! My 3 year old sings me the Pony shirt song. Which could go on forever. Warms my heart every time I hear her so I know how proud you must feel.

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Re: From my six year old... about me

Thank you for sharing such a heart warming little poem with us. I have nine grandchildren now, 3 years to 15 years, and they all seem more intelligent than I was at that age...probably smarter than I am now, come to that.

Encourage and nurture...they're not young for long.


i've got to add a little ps here, as i've said my youngest granddaughter is 3...well i have another who is just 6 months old...sorry Brooke [that's her name] it's old age creeping up

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Re: From my six year old... about me

Ahh the proud MoM. I hope you have that stuck to the fridge and then have a place for it so she can read it when she is older.
Beautiful... I love that kind of thing. smile

Thanks for this


Sorry about the brainfart Tine.. I had a dyslexic moment

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Re: From my six year old... about me

Loved it.

Kids Rule!!!

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