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Hi Fellow Chordians

Ave been reading the thread on"Recording",and all that goes into it,  tweaks to mic's etc,and it got me wondering with all the tweaks of one sort or other when does a "as it is" recording come in to it?
Who's got a beautiful natural voice? no gimmics, whiz bang tecno stuff!!

Come on who have you heard that just sounds fantastic!

I mean, Ave collected records of bands/singers,and when ave seen them live(live recording) some just dont "step up to the plate"

Who gets your vote?

Cheers micky cool

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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Well as you've probably gathered I like a really wide variety of music. I havn't seen many bands live but I think the most memorable one (and I can't believe I'm about to say this as as a ban I don't like them much) is Slipknot...

Now for playing and singing I'm definately going to vote for a much more relaxed Sarah Mc Lachlan. She has one of the most amazing voices ever!

Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Two ladies...[1] Eva Cassidy and [2] Christine McVie [Fleetwood Mac]

Beautiful and natural voices.

And as a footnote, gimmicks can also detract as well as add to a voice. When playing live, a crap mic or cheap or badly constructed PA system can make even Pavarotti sound like a frog with a crow in it's throat!

I usually find a little reverb adds depth and a little sexiness to the voice.

Chorus adds fullness.
But if you can get away without using


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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Two ladies that you would know Micky are Haley Westonra and Katherine Jenkins. I've always raved about one and slated t'other. Then on last years Rememberance Sunday 'do' in the Albert Hall, they sang together and everyone in the room (and I was the only one with musical/audio knowledge) said Jenkins was awful and Westonra could wail!

An "As It Is" recording is generally solo. The tweaking usually occurs when you are trying to fit multiple audio sources into the same mix.

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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

ahh Haley!! never heard her live, but she does have a lovely voice.Till i think of someone she`l have my vote

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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Well, we all know many, but beautiful voices that stick out are Josh Groban, Jim Reeves and of course, Susan Boyle.

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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Patsy Cline
Etta James
Christine Aguileira
Billy Holiday

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Elvis Costello

Re: Beautiful & Natural?

I would have to say Eddi Reader.
She sang "patience of an angel" and ssings it perfectly good
I am not into her music much but i lved her album of her singing rabbie burns.
Also saw her at ali bain and phil cunningham's concert last year. She has a perf4ect voice, she using her vocals as an instrument.

heres her doing one of my fav songs. … re=related


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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Here are a few of my personal favorite singers( in no specific order);

Male; Tony Bennett -just keeps gettin' better and better. He continuously hones his craft and isn't afraid to try new styles. He is the master at communicating a songs' message. His stories between the tunes are always cool too. He loves his job and it shows.

          Freddy Mercury- didn't get a fair shake from many due to his sexual orientation. The dude could sing! never heard him sing a "bad" note. This man was an incredibly gifted musician. He, like so many others, left us way too soon.

           Delbert McClinton- raspy, soulfull, doesn't over-sing. Not a "mainstream" artist but who cares. He's as good a singer as anyone in the business. Plus, he's got one of the grooviest names in music too!

Female; Alison Krauss-turns my "tough guy" outer shield to mush when she sings. Her voice is immediatly recognizable and her high range is unbelievable. She sounds better live than any studio recording I've heard from her. No matter which style of music she sings she always uses her natural voice, and it's a thing of beauty.

              Bonnie Raitt- always dug her style, she's a cool, classy, amazingly talented musician. And her vocal vibrato, dynamic application, and elasticity of vocal folds in amongst the best. She can belt out some powerful, dirty blues and calm the most angry beasts with her sweet, gentle delivery on her "love songs."

             Billie Holiday- "Lady Day" was one of a kind. A soothing and distinct voice that induces goose bumps everytime I hear her sing. She didn't have huge range and her voice wasn't overpowering but she knew her limits and worked her vocal strengths like no other. I wanna give her a big ole hug everytime I listen to her sing.

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Re: Beautiful & Natural?

Alvin and Billy.  Last names withheld on purpose.

Unless you've spent some time around riverbank campfires, you're likely never to have heard these fellows sing.  Well, maybe in some Appalachian churches too. 

They are rather opposite, Alvin being a big man - about 6'3" or 4" and 320 pounds.  His voice seems to start somewhere down around his ankles and well up from there.  It comes out a rich, melodious, and controlled bass.  He can sing country gospel live, just off the cuff, better than anyone I've heard anywhere.  That includes concerts and recording studios. 

Billy is a slight man (but not a small one, he's a real man with a good upbringing).  He has that "high lonesome sound."  Plus, his guitar picking is right on target.  When he puts them together, why it's plain terrific.  He and his father recently decided to give a try at a bluegrass open mic night.  Neither had performed live before, excepting at church and riverbank campfires, so this was pretty new for them.  The fellow hosting that night spent over a decade playing with Bill Monroe and then a lot more time playing with more greats.  He finally settled down in Kentucky, where Billy lives.  So they go and they're ready to play.  The host asks him what song he's going to do.  "Rank Strangers" he says.  The host asks, "Mind if I play along?  What key you doing it in?"  "Sure.  We're doing it in G."  "G.  That's awful high."  "I can sing it," says Billy.  So they perform Rank Strangers in G, with the fellow who cut his teeth with Bill Monroe playing along.  At the end of the night, the host asks Billy and his father to come back up, he'd like Billy to sing a few more Bill Monroe songs with him. 

Seems like some of the best never make it onto a record. 

- Zurf

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