Topic: how do two people play together?

i have a brother and me and him are trying to learn how to play together. its not working too good. i try to learn songs from my favorite bands.

(i have no creativity when trying to make up something.)

my brother , on the other hand, has no problem with making simple riffs blend together flawlessly. he likes to make up his own stuff. i cant get him to learn a song with me. how can i learn to play along with his style?

any help would be appreciated.

Re: how do two people play together?

Surely if you two are to play his material together then first of all you have to be able to play something you both know first. Playing songs you both enjoy together will help you both with timing. Once you have mastered a few then maybe try some new stuff.

It may be easier for your brother to make up his own stuff because he struggles keeping in time or remembering chord progressions. All it takes is a bit of practice and you two could be doing something special. There's nothing quite like learning an instrument and then hearing something you know and love come out of it at your own fingertips. Yeah, being creative is great but one step at a time.

I hope this helps and I've not upset anyone.



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Re: how do two people play together?

What your brother needs to pin down is if he's just tossing out random riffs or if he can jot them down and repeat them so a song can be built up. Far too many showy guitarists can throw out a few superb flourishes that are never the same twice. Improvised solos are good but there needs to be a safety net for the nights when things are tough.

Look for songs that you both never get tired of and have a solid rhythmn that you can both jam around. Every seen a band get real wild and loose, the solos really go on and things almost fall apart... then they strike up a familiar hit, maybe a cover version and get back in synch and on course. You need songs like that to unite your playing.

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Re: how do two people play together?

the most important thing is tune your guitars to each other,or it will never sound right.then i would follow the others advice,simple songs to start with.

remember,keep it simple!