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I just came across an add for  Red Guitar strings which is a new brand of string. They supposedly have a warmer sound than 80/20 and phosphor bronze and last longer too. Has anyone tried them or seen this add?

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I haven't tried them but have heard they sound great for about a week and then lose tone fast... The people I've talked to recommend recording with them because of their superior tone but not for everyday play as they have a very short sweet spot and cost more than conventional strings.

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Re: Red Strings

Tried 'em - didn't like 'em.

I like experimenting with different strings and mark on the package the date installed, date removed and a comment. On the package of Red's, I have written 3/20/09 installed, 3/29 replaced and a single word description - CRAP

I recall they felt much stiffer than other strings, even though I was using light (I usually use light or medium). The sound was just o.k. for me and did not justify the higher price. The stiffness made it difficult to barre and if you are a string bender, fuggetaboutit. IMO of course.

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Re: Red Strings

I cant say I have ever heard of red strings but after top's assessment I dont think I'm gonna be laying out any "green' for those red strings lol

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