Topic: Country Boy injinuity/pick holding

Just the other day, whilst workin in the yard, I happened up a new way of pick holding wit out that thar darn thing slippin all around your fangers. I wus pickin up limbs out in the yard when I grabbed holdt of a pine limb that had sap all over the dang thang. Well, that set me to I go  on into the house and grab up my pick and getar and shore enuff the dang thang stayed right thar in my fangers just like I wanted it to, so living hear in the South, whar money is  short, and times being hard as a is, it just goes to show you, sometime you ain't got to look no futher than your own back yard to lifes little problems, if'n I's wus to come up wit some more ideas Ima be shore an postem hear on Chordie.


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Re: Country Boy injinuity/pick holding

thats awesome ure really smart i dont use a pick tho aha it took me so long to read wat u were sayin no offennce tongue

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Re: Country Boy injinuity/pick holding

Hey Cam ... Great idea ... I've always used that resin called " Gorilla Snot " , that's made for that ... It works really good too ... I spend four bucks on a container of it and lasts me about six months , and that there durn pick stays put , L O L ... And I ain't never dropping the durn thang either ......

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