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The Martin Box.

The Martin box, it sang it's song
Of sadness to me,
Of the many hands it laboured for
And the songs that set it free.
It watched the dancers, saw the crowds,
They helped it to be
The muse that kept you playing
And brought the music to me.

Sing me Church Street
Blues once again
Want to see the light on Charlotte Street
Turning red in the rain.

The Martin Box was strung again,
Old Black Diamond brand,
Cut the air with its chiming ring
Bringing pleasure to the land.
We'll never play quite like you,
But we all understand
You kicked away your rockin' chair
And took that Martin from his hand.

The Martin box spits pickin' fire
Down upon the crowd
A sweet storm of fretted notes
Spin across the ground.
I watch your fingers catch and burn
Controlling every sound,
Runnin', riffin', strummin', flingin'
Licks all around

"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." Miles Davis

Re: The Martin Box.

hi stransongs,

yep another nice one, i like the way you get your belfast [is it?] references in, i had to look twice, i thought i read charlott church...old age huh?

i know a guy and he's just bought a new martin "box" and that's about all he talks about, "going home at 3 o'clock by quarter past i'll be strummin' my martin....far away look in his eye.

nice little ode, it's obviously about a person not mentioned, real or imagined?


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Re: The Martin Box.

Hi Phil,

Good to hear from you again.

Charlotte St, however, is not a Belfast reference. It's a quote from the old Norman Blake standard "Church St Blues." ( … =sp254.htm). Tony Rice plays it here ( I've posted it before ) . It is the sweetest tune I know.

I put music to it tonight. Amazing how the time flies when you're working on a song.

The person is Tony Rice. The Guitar is THE Martin box that he was given by Clarence White ( ). It has a wider soundhole due to damage done to the guitar at some time

"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." Miles Davis

Re: The Martin Box.

Nice poem StranSongs. Like the reference to "Church Street Blues" too. Also one of my favored songs.