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I love bensop's reply.

My motto is 'I can only be hurt by those I love and those I respect'.  Since most people fall out of this category (no disrespect intended to forum members), their negative opinions of me are meaningless.

This is a great forum - the friendliest I've come across.  I'm a new player and have received some excellent advice from here.  Practice is def' the key.

I wish I'd videoed myself playing when I first started.  I find now myself mumbling away that I'm never going to get these chord changes smooth.  Then the neighbour pops his head over the fence, 'Hey Martyn, those chord changes are coming on nicely'.  My wife then reminds me that initially I would completely stop between chord changes, trying to fathom out the chord shape.
I have 2 young children, so practice time a little difficult, but I try and get at least 30mins a day and see a teacher twice a month.

Keep going!  My teacher suggests a 'fun folder'.  These are simple songs you can play, so when practice hits a downer and you feel you're not getting any where, get those easy strumming songs out.

good luck and enjoy :-)

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Re: My sob story

Hi Seersha ... as a fellow Christian and Chordian, humility is never a good thing to teach no matter what religion or stage in life you're at ... I'm proud to see you rose above that smile 

Echoing the others advice, Justin's site is awesome and it's where I learned A LOT of my initial training ... there are tons of sites out there and only a few will talk to you and get you hooked ... the amount of time you put into learning will be reflected in how you play ... pick out a song you WANT to learn ... once you can play it you'll be hooked (aka getting bitten by the guitar bug) ... I practiced scales, chords, etc but once I learned that first song (George Strait "Stars on the Water") I was hooked

This is the place to come for advice on anything ... we're a friendly bunch of players smile

Also, I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and miss it IMMENSLY ... Texas made me realize how much I miss the Ohana of the islands and the laid-back lifestyle

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Re: My sob story


Touched and appalled also!  The first thing I would suggest is to pray for the folks at you old church, THEY NEED IT, and that will take some of the burden off your feelings for what they did and allow you to move on.

Your at the point where playing with others would really benefit you.  I don't know how or where but it really helps, and connecting on a musical level with others is an awesome feeling.

I took up the guitar at 47 and 3 years later play in a church band, it doesn't hurt having one of the others be an Elementary Music Teacher.  I just know the same things she explains to me at practice were mentioned to a 7 year old earlier that day,  Ha.  Playing with others really speeds up the learning curve and is a blast. 

FYI at our church you would have gotten a huge applause and encouragement all around.

As said above find songs that you really enjoy, modern songs are sooo great in the use of rising and decending volume and emphasis.  Download the mp3, find the tabs and practice along.  Learn to palm mute, where the stops are, find strum patterns that work,  use all downstrokes, etc, all the things that really go beyond strumming to make the music real for you.

In addition to Jusinguitar try Free And Easy Guitar, he has a song list that he has lessons for.

You are more talented and musical than you think, you just have to bring it out. 

Best of luck.


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I'll ditto what so many people have said in earlier posts. I can empathize with you to a degree because I've also had some bad experiences with people from my church as well. I've realized that those people make up the vast minority in most churches and people that treated you like that for "questioning" their denominational beliefs are letting religion overrule the guiding principles of the doctrine.'ll find that you'll become a stronger person for it.

You obviously have the desire to play and get better despite what has happened to you in the past which, IMO, is 99% of the battle. You WON'T get good, heck, you won't get decent at guitar unless you have the desire to play...period. You have that desire so I'm sure you'll succeed. I also refer to my signature when I'm giving up as well...wise jedi, yoda is...

Check out the free lesson sites stated above. But I would have to strongly encourage you to get your guitar into a guitar shop and get it set up properly as the wise jerome oneil suggested. Guitar is hard enough to play as it don't need your guitar fighting you too! A proper set up will lessen the frustrations.

Anyways, good luck in your quests...guitar and life!

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Sheersha really felt for you it is never nice being humiliated in front of others Jesus identifies with your hurts he took all the pain and hurt that you have suffered on

himself at the cross when we see his sacrifice we can then forgive others that is how i cope without him i dont believe i would be around today i know this blog was a long

time ago just wondered how you were getting on.

I also have just started playing the guitar after dropping it for quite a few years and have found i really love gospel music, music  is my way

of dealing with inner hurts and pain i offer it back to him as a sacrifice and it blesses others i dont consider myself a guitarist at all i strum the guitar and play only basic

chords but what i have i offer back to him so he can bless others in recent months i have joined a local fellowship and are taking the music so far it is going really well.I

like alot of the older music even hymns elvis songs that have really good words and rythmn regards brentnz

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Don`t let a few mean spirited people keep you from doing what you like.Not just guitar either. I come from a family like that.The only thing that kept me going is that I never cared what anyone thought of me.I always kept out of trouble and try to be nice to others(no matter what).That way I can be sure it is nothing I do(for the most part). If you are playing by yourself,dont worry how it sounds and dont let a bunch of mean people sway your playing.Keep in mind that just because someone is churchgoing,doesn`t mean they are automatically nice.Those are the same values I push on my own daughter.What I have is a nice well behaved young lady who is welcome at any of my relatives houses anytime.Oh and she also plays guitar,bass,ukelele and some keyboard.  Hope that helps.

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Re: My sob story

Welcome to Chordie Seersha. Zurf and Pete about said it all. Live your own dream and git to playin that geetar.

Live in the "now" - a contentment of the moment - the past is gone - the future doesn't exist - all we ever really have is now and it's always "now".

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Wow! Not much to add to all the great advice. But music has to be the greatest expression of joy, and at the other end the best medicine for pain. Just play - your soul will lift with each new day and each new note!


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Re: My sob story

And they wonder why people go nuts and start shooting the place up.

I feel bad for you.  I grew up with loving parents who backed me in what ever I did.

My mom played the accordion who passed it on to me.  Later in m 20’s I picked up a guitar and started teaching myself.  I finally got the job that I wanted all my life and the guitar went to last place on my list of priorities.

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Blaine Larsen and Mat McIntyre at my work place.  It was great, a rainy July day.  They were waiting to go for an interview at my local country radio station.  They never got the call and with that they spent the afternoon in my cigar shop playing for me and whatever customer walked in.  That gave me a renewed interest and I’m back to playing for the last year and a half. 

To you youngsters  out there who are  reading this. DON’T QUIT.  YOU’LL BE SORRY.

  If I had 35 years of playing under my belt I can only imagine how good I’d be.  Instead I’m back to beginner status.  My friend Mike who plays professionally says I’m pretty good for only a year and a half of playing .

I’M 58  now and wish I never quit.

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I agree with you, too, sat.  I started when I was 11 or so and only learned a few chords then gave it up for years.  I picked it up once in awhile and put it back in the closet for many years.  i did this several times in my life.  If I would have stuck with it, I would probably be very good by now. As it is., I waited til I retired 5 years ago to get half serious about it.  I am now learning at a fairly decent rate because I stuck with it this time.  I don't plan on putting it down this time.  It does help to have a lot of time on my hands now.  Do as Winston Churchill said.  never, never, never give up.

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try playing America's "a horse with no name it is very simple and the whole song is just 3 chords. Em , D and Em9 . Look the chords up on here if you dont already know them . The strumming pattern is also very simple DUDUDUDUD on the Em and DUU on the D thats the verse and the chorus is exactly the same but with the Em9 for DUDUDUDUD and back to the D for DUU. It may not be exactly as the original but it works for me. Good luck and dont let anyone let you stop what you enjoy