Topic: easy bass tab for a complete novice

im a completely self taught guitar player looking to learn bass
can anyone recomend any easy tabs (preferably punk-rock sort of thing) or a site where i can find easy bass tab
any help at all would be appreciated
thank you

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Re: easy bass tab for a complete novice

Hey Megs, try going to Guitar World's website.  Each issue they transcribe 5 songs for guitar and bass included.  Green Day's "Know your Enemy" is included in the latest issue.  smile 


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Re: easy bass tab for a complete novice

hi megs,

as your a self taught guitarist, i would expect you to do the same on bass, that's not a criticism! as a guitarist you've most likely got a good sense of rhythm and a melodic bass line as your playing anyway, so i would suggest that you teach yourself and be original, anyone can copy

failing that try guitaretabs


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