Topic: Feedback on acoustic amp

Hello, chordians...

Here's my problem.

When I play with my band, I have to crank up my amp pretty much to be heard, so eventually I will run into feedback problems.

My setup:
Guitar: Ibanez AEL30SE
Amp: Marshall AS100D

Both of them have a "phase" switch, which I understand is used to fight feedback problems. Then there's the notch filter dial on the guitar and the sweep dials on the amp.
Twiddling with those helps with the feedback, or at least makes it occur at different pitches, but it's pure guesswork and trial-and-error for me.

Can anyone help?


Re: Feedback on acoustic amp

Try a sound hole cover. They work wonders for eliminating feedback.
Look up Lute hole covers they are really nice and they add a touch of class to the looks of your guitar.

Re: Feedback on acoustic amp

I read about those. Good call, and probably cheap.

Thanks, mate.