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Hey ya'll...

ok so ive seen

Walk the Line- it was awesome but did you say the guy who played elvis lol?

Ray- also cool

I know theres a jerry lee lewis movie and i

ve seen one about hank jr. (which was pretty lame cuz the actor was just bad....),

and of course there was Tenacious D and the pick of destiny but im not sure that counts.

Bubba Hotep was baout elvis and it was funny in a lame kind of way lol

ive heard that Kiss did a movie spoofing star wars.

then there's free bird the movie...

What are some more good movies about (or featuring them) bands/artists that yall have seen?

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Hi last rebel,
I would have so many over the years!

First one Rock around the Clock! Bill Haley! It was the first time i ever seen people dancing in the aisles of a Cinema!

Tina turners life story! But then "She is Simply the Best"

Ray as you mentioned! Jamie Fox was superb in that film!

Coalminers Daughter! About Loretta Lynn. Another Artist i adored!

So many more, but the Old head is tired now! Off to my Shower and Beddybys!

Good night now Rebel!


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Re: movies about artists

Movies and artists, How about

Honeysuckle Rose-Willie Nelson

Detriot Rock City-Kiss

No One Here Gets Out Alive-Jim Morrison


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Re: movies about artists

did anybody see the movie about huddie ledbetter? it was okay. what about la bamba? also i just saw a documentry about townes van zandt that was awesome

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Re: movies about artists

There is a movie called Hendrix.  Basically it was like walk the line only they had little interviews with Wood Harris as Jimi Hendrix.  It was pretty good though I know some people thought it was horrible. 


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Re: movies about artists

Yes Hendrix was pretty good.Also there is Sid and Nancy,Kurt and Courtney. There was also one on John Lennon.


Re: movies about artists

control (about ian curtis) is amazing and very sad.

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Re: movies about artists

I just saw the Buddy Holly Story and it was ok. Great Balls of Fire is a good movie about Jerry Lee Lewis. My favorite was Walk The Line though. Then theres Some Kind Of Monster which is about Metallica in a documentary of the making of the album that was pretty good if you like Metallica.I can't think of any more i've seen.

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Re: movies about artists

How about "Hard Days Night" and "Help" by the Beatles. Very campy but very good.


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