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Topic: Trying to find a fat neck les paul

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Ok dumb question but I'm relatively new to guitar and need someone to point me in the right direction. I've got pretty big hands, big enough that I can play the chords to say..... "you shook me all night long" on my acoustic, but on my electric my finger tips are too big and I'm muting the neighboring strings. Can someone point me in the right direction to a les paul (single cutaway) with either a wider neck, or with a bridge/nut combo where the strings are more spaced out? Sorry for the noob question and thanks for anyone who can help.

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Hello crizzut, I too have big hands and have had the same problems, as many others have also, I am sure.  Firstly, measure the nut width on your guitars to see if they are the same. The accoustic will probably be wider. Secondly, electric strings are considerably lighter than accoustic and do not need the same amount of pressure applied. You may just have to get used to the different guitars or buy another one that has same nut width as your favourite. Thirdly, check/adjust action on both guitars. I mentioned in another post that I have just bought a Greg Bennet electric, this has the same nut width as my accoustics and is much easier to play than a lot of other guitars I tried out.
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well after messing around with both guitars, it's not so much the neck but it's the nut and bridge I have that make my acoustic easier to play. I have an epiphone les paul (not exactly high quality), but if I replaced the nut and the bridge I'd play it just as well as I do on my acoustic. I don't know anything about changing parts out on a guitar any advice on this? I want a gibson les paul down the road do most LPs have similar nuts/bridges? If I did get an LP how easy/costly would it be to have someone swap the nut/bridge?

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Hey Crizzut....I just had my friend tweak my two electric guitars this weekend.  You might not have to change the nut or the bridge....just adjust the bridge (or get someone who knows how do it for you!)....then he filed down the nut on some of the slots so the strings wouldn't bind as much...after he filed them down he added some grahite (pencil shavings) to make sure the strings weren't binding again...my guitar sounds hot now!  Stays in tune much better and is easier to play!  My advice is to take it to someone who knows what they're doing....it might just be as simple as setting up the guitar to suit your needs!

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Re: Trying to find a fat neck les paul

Part of the reason I got a Squier 51. Nice FAT neck that fits my big hands.


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