Topic: what is a good guitar

hey theres this vintage guitar store in my town and the have some sweet guitars!
I just want feed back on what you think is a good guitar!

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Re: what is a good guitar

I like a mid-70's Yamaha acoustic.

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Re: what is a good guitar

your good guitar is the one that feels good in your hands.

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Re: what is a good guitar

I had a Squier strat which I never really jelled with so I got myself a JHS vintage V100 (Peter Green lemon drop) and I haven't put it down yet.  I've even had chaps prefer it to their Epiphones!
Still, try out a few, see if there's one right for you.  That's what I did.



Re: what is a good guitar

The Fenders and Deans are my faves. The white Fender mexican made and Dean Razorback rocks big_smile

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