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I recently purchased his "Acquired Taste" album and I love it!
Delbert has a raspy, bluesy sound which I like but he and his fellow writers are genius in their choice of words and story lines. I particularly like "Wouldn't You Think She Would Have Been Here By Now" on this album but I don't have a link to share it. Anyone else like Delbert?

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Love Delbert. Saw him live with his big band.
Had the pleasure of playing and singing his "Giving it up for your love" in my last bar band in the late 70's.
He does great funny songs too.

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Deadstring, I was looking for your song on u-tube and failed to find it.
However, while searching I stumbled on some absolute gold videos by Delbert. … mp;index=6

We pronounce it "Guf Coast".
Ya'll wanna go down to the Guf?

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Delbert is one fine example of what is more than good but great in modern R&B - C/W - and contemporary Blues and traditional Blues .

A giant and living legend , one of the musicians I spent 10 years studying and learning from in my never ending musical education to improve my harp chops and learning R&B and improving on musically .

He's a good buddy of my best musical friend Chan Romero , Chan speaks well of this man saying how much of a gent he is and credit to his music .

His harp playing is deep , hard hitting and very powerful , he also play's a decent guitar too . Have not had the pleasure of his acquaintance but maybe some day .

I run around with a lot of recording artists in the Blues and C/W Rock-A-Anything and Jazz players here on the west coast  . 

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