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This is a song I wrote awhile ago but like many of my songs it started out as just words which as we all know is some form of poetry. So, I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.


Black waves roll and crash in my sea
I would take a breath but there is no oxygen to breathe
Not as bright as I used to be
My edges are dulled and I've lost speed

Oh I've lost some speed along the way
And I've lost some speed along the way

This expanse is crushing and black as ink
My place in this galaxy is playing hide and seek
I've lost some sparkle from dust and debris
I know the light won't reflect as deeply

But no other has been made quite like me
No no other has been made quite like me

I saw your face I said your name when I made the Heavens and the dearth
In secret I knitted you with the best in the depths of the Earth
I heard your words I watched you grow and I love you Love you so

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Re: But No Other


This is a great piece also. Are you gonna but it to music ?

I loved your starbucks video. Looking Relaxed with all the background noise. I get very frustrated when people dont listen to an artist playing anywhere.
I expected the music to be slow ballad like.

I was surprised, its a very catchy wee tune.

Well done and thanks for sharing.

Old Doll.

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Re: But No Other

Yay!! Old Doll, My only chordie fan...LOL! kidding...

Thank you! As always I appreciate the comments. big_smile You're right, it is actually not a slow one as you heard.

This song does have music but I have not recorded it to be able to show anyone and I am not very handy with the chord put-er on-er-er thing that is available to use here on Chordie. I will try again though...

"I want my 2 Dollars!!!!!"