Topic: yamaki acoustic guitars

I have a Yamaki acoustic blond in colour all around AY374S.  Bought new in 74 by me.  Cannot find anything about these guitars.  any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Re: yamaki acoustic guitars

Hi, white rhino,
I bought a mid 70's Yamaha FG 350W acoustic dreadnought guitar at a pawn shop in the late 80's for $185. This is not a pricey guitar being worth about $300 these days but the tone and bass response are priceless.
I had it set up by Jim Ball at Picker's Paradise in Stapleton, Alabama and he got it so right. The big sound and sweet low action had two recording artists borrow it from me to record in the studio.
I like the neck, the flower inlaid pick guard and the way it holds a tune. I had a pickup glued inside under the bridge that sounded mighty fine.  I played it in a local night club when a customer insisted I perform with his new Martin. The Martin was heavy and had one string that rung out louder than the rest. He was hurt when I handed his Martin back but I liked the action and sound of my Yamaha  better by a mile.

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