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Topic: that long???

Chordians, I had my car crash on 09/02/2000, september, aquaplaning and transferred in critical condition, surviving 2 cardiac arrests
Since 5 year (49 years old) I had to stop working, very good insured but I feel like a ZERO, I can't even play properly because of a nerve in my left hand, taking chords???!!!It was weird down under and 5 years are gone, lost my job, my passion, my girl, my "socializing" never alone, jokes like taking 2 lobsters in a resto and see which lobster would win the race. But I can't live with memories I just try to find some self-esteem, self-respect. The past is irreversible, I can't go back in time, and should I have been a better person? I doubt so.
Here, I feel like home, there is no home like chordie-home
This not a cry for help, I feel fine, financial, I lost 25kg in 3 months, (from 105kg-->80kg), I have 25kg less to carry, so I can walk now without crouches for a few moments, but there is emptiness in my live.
Even guitar, probably surgery to fix the nerve, life sucks sometimes and I've got my troubles and you've got yours (isn't that a song title?)
If you feel lousy, mail me.

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Re: that long???

whoahhhhhhh there phil!! i dont think its a title ..m8 but it could be? yes lifes a bitch, as they say... but i say as long as there are more "ups" than "Downs" i d be happy ( as ave had plenty of downs)

Congrats on the weight loss !! (am on a losing battle on that front) being more mobile gotta be a "upper"??

cheers micky cool

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Re: that long???

Lieven I have my share of health issues but I woke up this morning so theres something to look forward to, another day of my life, when you concider the alternative any day you wake up is a good day not a sentence.

"Growing old is not for sissies"

Re: that long???

Hi Doc,
Until you get that nerve in your left hand fixed, this might be a good time to experiment with slide or bottleneck guitar. Maybe open tunings in E or G may help.
To cheer up yourself and your immediate company, silly songs with simple chord progressions may distract you and your audience from serious issues:






You get the idea.

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I'll be praying for you Lieven.  Stay strong. 

- Zurf

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Re: that long???

Zurf wrote:

I'll be praying for you Lieven.  Stay strong. 

- Zurf

+1... Hang in there

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Re: that long???

Morning Docs,

I cannot even imagine how life must be for you Sir.  your free in so far that you've learned to share your deepest feelings.
I believe thats a very brave  thing to do.  The seeds of your life before your accident are not diminished, just altered Docs.

I liken your life now to a hybrid ! Life now offers the blending of the best characteristics you still possess. Its a refocusing of newly planted life seeds. You are still Lieven. Altered yes! but lifes purpose remains the same.
You must think about how resilient you were and are. You sir are a living miracle. A testament to your own survival.
Ask life to open new doors for you. I will also ask in prayer for you for peace of mind and acceptance.

Russell is right in what he says. "any day you wake up is a good day not a sentence."

C'mon now Docs tell Old Doll how you lost 25kg ? lol Just kidding !

Warm Hugs to you Special man.


Old Doll.

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