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Having so much fun with the simple rhythmn version of Johnny B Goode. It's all 2 4 2 4 on A then 2 4 2 4 on D then up two to 4 6 4 6 on D, anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm after other songs with this simple boogie form. The Yardbirds album 'Roger the Engineer' has 2 good sounding jams, 'The Nazz Are Blue' and 'Jeff's Boogie' but I'm not finding many YBs tabs.

Any good old-style rockin beginners songs appreciated, don't matter if you call it country, blues, rock'n'roll, hillbilly, roadhouse or whatever...

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Well, to tell u the truth i'm having a similar problem, oh ya, and i know what u mean about johnny b goode.  if u just want a song that makes u want to dance i would suggest day tripper (The Beatles).  if u want to hear it first, its on the Beatles 1 album, track 12.  otherwise i dont have any suggestions.

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Here is a chordie songbook with stuff that might sooth your itch for basic boogie:

<a href="" target="_blank"> … s&song id=56812</a>

'3-Chord Rock&Roll Relics' contains classics that are fun to sing and easy to play.

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Eddie Cochrin (that spelled right???)

Almost any Chuck Berry

Beatles - Back in the USSR

Quite a bit of early Beach Boys

Elvis Hitler (For Rockabilly with an edge)

Buddy Holly

Johnny Rivers Live At The Whisky A Go Go

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How's about

Caledonia-Matt Minglewood

Rumba Boogie-Hank Snow

Feel the same way too-The Rankins

Fried Hockey Boogie-Canned Heat

Not really Chuch Berry but have they're own boogie beat.

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