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Topic: How to add pictures to forum posts

A lot of people are new to posting pictures on forums.  Many have explained how to do it before, but I thought maybe if it had it's own topic people may be able to find the directions easier and next time someone's looking for a "how to" you can just direct them to this thread.

First and foremost, in order to post a picture on the forum your photo must be hosted somewhere online.  There are tons of locations that you can upload your picture and many are free.  Some of these include:

picasa web albums from google
-- a lot of internet companies give you free space for uploading your photos --

If you click below the post box on any of the links you will come to this page Forum help topics which will tell you how to do some basic stuff on this forum and others.  To collect the proper url for an image so you can post it in between the img tags and it will show up in the forums...

So first, your picture must be uploaded online.  Next, find the photo you like and right click on the photo to copy image url (website address)
a. if you're using google chrome :  select "copy image url"
b. if you're using internet explorer : after you right click on the picture select "properties" and a box will open up.  Look to the right of where it says address and highlight that entire thing, next while holding down the "ctrl" button on your keyboard hit the "c" button
c. if you're using mozilla firefox:  after you right click on the picture select "copy image location"
d.  if anyone has answers for detailed how-to for safari or opera go ahead and reply to this thread and I'll update this starting post with the info... I don't have these on my pc

-- Paste image url
come back here and reply to the topic of your choice, in the message box where you type, type the img tag (see below), then holding down "ctrl" hit the "v" button on your keyboard to paste the url into place then end the tag (as seen below). 

It will look something like this:


Hint:  choose "post reply" rather than typing in the "quick post" field, then you will be able to click "preview" to see your post and see if your picture shows up before clicking "submit".

Here's an example of my daughter and I with guitar:
and the code for this picture looks like this:

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