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Topic: Red Dirt Rising

A little more about the movie, plus other events are planned


- The World Premiere of RED DIRT RISING -

Here it is everyone. The moment we have been working toward for 3 years. On May 15, 2010 we will premiere the film at North Wilkesboro Speedway. And get this... Not only is this going to be the premiere of the film but this is going to be an all day event celebrating all the early pioneers of racing.

EVENTS will include:

-- The Buck Bakers Driving School day program where you will have a chance to drive on the historic North Wilkesboro track (http://www.buckbaker.com)

-- In the evening we will have North Wilkesboro Speedway's FIRST race since re-opening with the "Legendary Flathead Ford" Racing Series

-- After the race, a live concert performance by Matt Dylan (Carolina Moonshine)

-- And finally at dusk, we will watch the movie on the track!!!

This is going to be a big event and will also include picture cars from the movie, antique moonshine cars and many of the cast and crew from the movie on hand to meet and greet and sign autographs--- Lets call it what it is; a Checkered Carpet Event!

So spread the word everyone! We need as many fans as possible to make this film a success.

Tickets will be going on sale in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Here's another link to it on facebook


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Re: Red Dirt Rising

Very exciting Cam!  Sounds like it'll be a good ole fashioned good time!  Wish I was down there to enjoy it!

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