Topic: My new single, "Come On Over" on myspace

Hey chordie! Been a while but I have been very productive. I recently recored a blues album titled "You Got It Made". The first single, "Come On Over" is available for listen and download @
Check it out, add us to your friends and tell everyone about Southern Illinois hot, new blues sensation!

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Re: My new single, "Come On Over" on myspace

Hi There,
Just got time to listen now to your myspace.

I love the second song. Into my time"
The first song Come on Over, May i ask is this the same person singing ? The voice sounds much more gutteral.
I prefer  the voice on "Into my time"

Thanks for sharing. May i suggest you add your website to chordie. It makes it easier rather then copying and pasting same.
Giving you more hits perhaps on myspace.

Thank You"

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