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Topic: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

I wish you a joyous and wonderful day Sir,

Unusual piece Ive chosen for you here for your special day. . On the Coast of Malabar.


Thank you for the honesty and love of our  irreplaceable friendship sir.

Abundance to you.

Old Doll

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Happy Birthday Marcalan... enjoy it!

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Happy Birthday and many more!


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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Happy B-Day Marcalan. big_smile


Enjoy your day, I hope it's as nice down there as it is up here.


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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

This is one of those posts that makes me wonder if I've been intruding on a private party all this time.  Is this some kind of "insider's group?"  If so, forgive me for trespassing.

And happy birthday, Marcalan!

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

just cracked open a cold beer, a toast to you.   

have a great day    ...   badeye   cool

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

I caught you on Facebook earlier and I wish you the same here. I am just going out to my local and I will raise a glass to celebrate for your shortly.


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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Happy birhday to you young man. Dont know if you are 18 or 65 but either way i bet you feel 18. Raising a bottle of grolsch lager as i am typing this. have a great night.



Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Cheers to you from the great north west! Many more, many more.   Mike

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Thank you all for good wishes. It was a soggy day but green with leaves coming out. thanks

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Happy birthday.  Enjoy it.  Do something special.

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Re: Happy Birthday Marcalan !

Cheers to you,sir. Party 'til you can party no more!



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