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Topic: Funny story

The other day I was in my building out behind my home cleaning it up, actually just straighting things up some. All of a sudden I heard a noise, looked around and saw a mouse scurring behind some chairs I had in there, so I thought, ok I'll get something for you. So off I go to the dollar store, I go in and ask the lady if they had any decon "mouse poision" anyway, she said no but that she had some walnuts. Now I'm standing there, trying to keep an open mind, thinking maybe she knew a trick with the walnuts that might somehow help me with the mouse. We go walking down the aisle to where she showed me the bag of walnuts, again trying to keep an open mind and thinking that maybe somehow all these years that maybe I had somehow missed or never heard of using walnuts to catch a mouse. I'm standing there waiting for her to tell me her trick, she said nothing, so finally I looked at her puzzled and ask her, what am I supposed to do with these, she looked at me kinda puzzled and shrugged her shoulders, I'm still waiting for the explanation on how to catch the mouse with walnuts. I then told her if I use these it's just gonna draw more "mice" to my building, again, she said nothing, I'm still standing there thinking what am I suppose to do with these walnuts and still thinking if I throw walnuts in there it will just draw more. Finally we both started to walk away from the walnuts back towards the front when it hit me, when I ask her for "Decon" I realized she thought I said "pecans" and thats why she said no but we have walnuts, I started laughing so hard I started crying when I realized where we were missing each other, I couldn't stop laughing, I tried to explain why I was laughing so hard so she wouldn't think I was rude or making fun of her, but needless to say I don't think she found it quiet as funny as I did, but she never said an ugly word to me through it all, I guess she couldn't with me being the customer, I told her I was sorry for laughing but it was so funny, at least to me, but she held her composure and said nothing. Anyway I just thought I'd share this story with you all, maybe it was one of those things where you had to be there but I hadn't laughed that hard in a long long time.


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Hey Cam , I,m having a mouse problem at home at the moment , might go and get me some walnuts..I need a laugh lol wink

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Ha ha!  That IS a good one Cam!  You're such a good sport for going with her to the "nut isle" too, wondering what in the world she was trying to teach you about walnuts (maybe if you throw them hard enough you could knock a mouse out with a walnut?).  LOL!  Good one!  big_smile

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Re: Funny story

That is a good story. 

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Many years ago, our cat chased a mouse into our pantry. I quickly shut the door on them both.
My wife insisted I "do something" about the mouse.
I said, "Let the cat do his job. It's our bedtime."
Our bedroom was on the other side of the wall next to the pantry. We lay in bed hearing the cat go "rowr" and the mouse would let out this long "screeeeeeeem". Another "rowr" and another "screeeeeem' - this went on and on so long my lady insisted I "do something". I couldn't sleep either so I got my hammer and "did" the mouse. The cat was really mad at me for a long time. Sometimes you can't win.

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