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Topic: Found great new site

Hi Everyone,

  I found this great new site, at least new to me, it called Woodsongs Old time Radio Hour. Now it's actually a radio format, but some of the artists there have video, during the broadcast you have to sometimes wait for them to actually be announced, so be patient.Click on archives and scroll down the list of artists to find who you like, then click windows media player. As some of you know I'm a fan of a band called Goose Creek Symphony, I implore you to scroll down to their name and click the Windows media player or what ever you have to watch. Find the person or band you like then look to the right and click the windows media player. The host of the show is a guy named Micheal Johnathon. Now if your not interested in Goose creek there is a long list of other artists, it's reall a great site, I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Cam       http://woodsongs.com/

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