Re: Basic Theory Question - why "9" and not "2"?

Thanks again for the info.  I'm learning, but slowly.  I have a community college a couple of miles away from my house.  I'm going to check and see if they have any Music Theory 101 courses I could take.

Now, to this:

Stonebridge wrote:

C minor with an added major 7th [C Eb G B] or any similar chord in another key sounds very strange. I can't say I know of any song which has this chord.

Interstingly enough, this was the subject of my first post on the Chordie forums.  You were involved in the discussion.  (Not that I would expect you to remember that.)

Apparently Tom Petty's song "Into the Great Wide Open" uses Emmaj7 in a rundown between Em and Em7, which is just about the only way it "works" as a chord.  At the time I was calling it Em#7, until SouthPaw ID'ed it as Emmaj7 in post #11 of that thread.

I now use the same chord progression for sections of "Gentle on my Mind".

Thanks again.

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