Topic: Thought this was adorable....

Kid's pretty jam up for his age smile

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Re: Thought this was adorable....

He's got the barre chords and slides down.  That is pretty good.  I enjoyed it.

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Re: Thought this was adorable....

Seeing things like this makes me question my attempt at playing guitar. This kid is like 3 years old I'm guessing. He's got total control of his fingers already and even stops a couple times in the middle to scratch his nose and gets right back into it. If this kid sticks with it he will be awesome in no time. Wish I would have started that young. WOW.

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Re: Thought this was adorable....

That was wild.  I've been working on that song and I thought I had it pretty good... till I heard that kid.  Back to the drawing board!  LOL!

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Re: Thought this was adorable....

Ahahahahhhahahaha, Wonderful !

Love the way he improvises  lyrics with mouthing melody..

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