Topic: If you believe

a new song from me...

Verse 1:
If you believe you are alone
and also haven’t a friend
and nothing runs in your life. …. anymore
Then think, nevertheless, simply call me

Verse 2:
If you mean it nothing more goes
and the sun does’nt want to seem any more.
then think, nevertheless, simply call me.

Verse 3:
You believe, you can’nt manage your problems
and are you completely alone.
Then give you a jerk
and simply call me

And I'll be there, ya, ya, ya... You've got a friend

Songtext copyright by myboon

Re: If you believe

Failte myboon,

Welcome to chordie. I've read this piece.. may i suggest you re read it lots of times.. It has the makings of a good piece
but is somewhat disjointed. A little more time spent moulding your thoughts more about it will make it shine.

Have a happy day.

Old Doll.

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Re: If you believe

Hi myboon
Welcome to Chordie.
As your work has no chords showing it be must be considered a poem at this time. So it has been moved to the poem section. Please read the "Sticky" at the top of the songwriting section regarding Poems and Songs.