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Lizzie and her sister Shelly and I attended the Bighorn Mountain Festival over the weekend and we took in the acoustic workshop and they talked about songwriting and harmony singing also. We sat in the front row and the workshops are always a great way to get to get a up close look and listen. They have several buildings on the gounds and do the workshops indoors. The musicians there are always very helpful and answer questions and give some tips and tricks.
I was videoing with my little Q3 recorder and I didn't have a tripod so I had it resting on my knee to keep it steady. I just tried to keep it aimed in the right direction, so it isn't always centered up. The audio is pretty good though.

Anne and Pete Sibley moved out to Wyoming about 6 yrs ago and were both classical musicians and got a breath of the open country out west and started writing songs about the west and I guess they are Bluegrass , folk or something like that. Last year they won the Great America Duet contest by Praire Home Companion in NYC.

Jalan Crossland has been making a living playing since he was a boy and has been the rock and roll route and country. He is considered Bluegrass by some but has taken some heat cause he has a drummer in his band. He has one of the best live acts I have ever seen. He is the pride of Ten Sleep, Wy. His bass player is Shaun Kelly and he has been playing in bands all his adult life also. I believe he played with the Georgia Satellites.

There is some banjo playing on these vids and it is done nicely. Pete plays an open back banjo and plays clawhammer style and Jalan plays mostly resonators banjos but he really knows how to control his also without overpowering the others.

I put these in the order they played them and I just thought I would share them, I really enjoyed them but I have been following them for the past 6 yrs. This workshop was at 10:00 in the morning so they were all up a little earlier than usual for a performance.

Later, Wayne P

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I tried watching you vids, but I kept getting a server error on them I'll try later. Keep on struming!!

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I did get an error on the first one, but the last link took me there... then just click on his name to go to his channel and you can view the others.  FANTASTIC sound from that unit... they are awesome Wayne.  I'm sure you must have walked away from that with TONS of inspiration!

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Great stuff Sir,

Thanks again for sharing. I know my own "Fiddlers Green Festival" will be as good next week.

Tom Paxton is just one of the artist  i expect to see in concert..

Old Doll.

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Thanks Mek clicking on the nam worked!! I really enjoyed the vids, wish I could sing.

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Youtube was doing some maintenance this morning and it was tough to get through but it seems to be working now.

Jalan Crossland band has a new cd out and it is very good. Jalan plays lead and rhythm guitar and banjo. Shaun Kelly plays bass and Andy Phreaner on drums. The name of the CD is Driftwood Souls , I won't post a link but a google search will take you to Jalan's website.

Anne and Pete Sibley, don't have a new one out this year but their last CD Coming Home is very good. They also have a website.

Hope, this doesn't come across as spam, these are just some great musicians and very nice folks that I get to see several times a year and deserve a lot of listeners.

Later, Wayne P