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Some years ago i worked in the inner city of Dublin. The centre in particular was for reformed drug users.
I discovered  then, most of these people use alcohol as another way to relieve whatever demons there poor heads
possess. One lad in his twenties  told me  all about the childhood games his mother played with him. She [ his mother] was an alcoholic.
A very young  woman also.. I was asked to go with this young man as support while he visited his dying mother at the local hospital..
This piece is about  him, his mother  R.I.P.  and what i observed that day.
I also believe alcoholism and  DNA are connected.
Thank you for reading.

Childhood Game.

Childish pact, your call his bid
Let’s find the bottles daddy hid,
Misunderstanding loss and pain
He played your childlike game

Blue Eyes cry now leaving tracks
Compass needle pointing back
I watch his tears explode to swim
Across you vapid facial skin.

He bent to talk to you alone
The air is filled with susurrus tones
Forgiving   you your sassiness
Your   power in bottles liquidness.

He bids goodbye and kisses through
The plastic tubes that breathe for you
His understanding as a man
Can't  change the atavistic plan.

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It is so sad isn't it ? Seems we all are touched by someone in trouble. You are so right some folks don't have a choice.

Later, Wayne P

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Hi Doll, it's said that alcoholism is hereditary, and it very well may be, but I believe everyone has a choice.  A choice to either follow what's been learned or to break the cycle.  This is a sad piece that speaks to the suffering that this cycle begets.  For some, these types of demons prove too powerful to battle alone; I take my hat off to those who find strength within themselves to do so and salute those who are strong enough to admit that they need help and seek it out, as your young friend did.  I wonder where he is now and if he got his life in order.(?)

good write; thanks as always for sharing; all the best - T

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A poem by someone who has walked the walk.
My dad beat alcolhol He is one of the few. He had D.T.'s for months after he quit. he was an ex-cop turned party boy. The rest of his life there was a sadness about him while he quietly endured dealing with the devil, sober.
There was no A.A. in our little town so he started one. He would work a 14 hour day at his own business then sit up far into the night talking and pouring sweet coffee down some poor guy who was afraid he might take that one fatal drink.
Gotta respect that.

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Old Doll,
You tell a cutting tale.  I can’t help but parallel this story with that of a young warrior sitting in an army tent by a fire sending his mortally wounded father into the next life.  As men they might have clashed but at this moment that same “dna"  is the bond that unites a man and his son, love and respect.  Yet, he knows well that he is burdened with the family shield and must confront its legacy.  It will be his choice and he will employ his methods to wage battle anew and ultimately win the war and claim victory.  Or perhaps his strategy is negotiation and he will be able make peace with his enemy and avoid further destruction.

I refer to your wonderfully written story of affliction and hope, “What’s Inside (I’d Rather Forget)".  Kindly consider a publication redux.  I'll resuse a bit of response to that heartfelt tale:

“Recovery, a burden from the start; what’s needed to exorcise this malignant spirit in my heart?
My method is simple to snuff the torment, to leave it in the past and live in the present
I need to love this life so much; return would cripple me with a single touch
I need to love this pretty girl, if I am to stay in her beautiful world"

I have the highest regard for the selfless efforts of those like your dad. Perhaps his sadness was partly rooted in the inexplicable self-analysis of "what if".

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Wonderfully written Lena, it tells a sad tale with sorrow and heart.  You are amazing to be able to put this into words that convey the true evil of the best in just a few short lines.

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I thought ; If I had one idea,
and took it from beginning to end.
I would try another.

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My father was an alcoholic.  I remember it well.  I have had my trouble with alcohol, but I now only drink once in a while.  A few beers every 6 months or so.  I drank a lot when I was younger.

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I have finally found happiness in my life.  Guitars, singing, beer and camping.  And they all intertwine wonderfully.

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Thanks for sharing Lena - Sad poem and touching background story. Your writing is perfect as always.

J  E  T  S
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Once again,

Thank you all so much for your comments and stories.. I appreciate
your ability to share your truths and feelings about same.

I do not not what happened to the young man in question, a single phone call im sure would determine
how and where he is now !

I apologise for only answering this post now, but Old Doll is busy with all sorts of stuff this weather.

Preparing also for  some well earned days off for the next week or so.. alleluia  lol.

Old Doll.

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