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Distances Deceive.

On one side of the world you are cryin'.
And there's nothing I can do
No way to reach and help
No way to comfort you

It's distance that deceives
I can see you
I can hear you
Your the one in my heart
And I love you
But you're in a different day
Far, so very far away
And I can't reach out and touch you.

You're here on this screen before me,
Who thought that this would ever do.
I try to dry the tears on your cheeks
But this shaking hand it can't pass through

So I listen to you weeping
And I watch your shoulders heaving
But all I have is words
That not even I believe in.

And I'm as mute as desert dust.
I'm as worthless as the sand.
The right words kicked from under me.
Guess that's cos I'm a man.

Then it comes time to drop the link
And, blink, your face is gone.
I'm left here empty as the arid miles
That stood between us all along.

"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." Miles Davis

Re: Distances Deceive.

Aw, all the high tech in our world can't come close to replacing the need to physically touch the one you love!  time apart excruciatingly painful, but time together ever sweeter....  Lovely write StranS - T

Re: Distances Deceive.

StranSongs - this hits home right at this very minute.  My husband is out of town for a week.  I went out and bought a webcam and he took his laptop with him so we (the kids and I ) could still "see" him.  It's better than just talking on the phone, but at the same time so much worse as I think it makes us miss him that much more by being able to see him but no Daddy kisses or hugs.  Very well written~!!~  Thank you for this one!

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Re: Distances Deceive.

I love this piece Strans..

The contents are so true for me.. I have made so many friends over the years in cyber space.

I actually met  one friend  last year which was wonderful.. There are many times i wish i could bridge the distance just to hold a hand to comfort, Or hug them in total approval of there being and our friendship...

Great write sir.

Old Doll.

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