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Topic: Some Days are Meant.

Just a silly poem - I may ressurrect the chorus for something else.

Some Days are Meant.

Some days are meant for singin'
So that's just what I do
Some days are meant for lovin'
Those days I dream of you
Some days are meant for thinkin,
Long and hard and all
The best days are meant for kissin'
You'll find those are the days I call.

I missed you on that Monday
You were dryin' out your hair.
Or so you screamed through the letter box
From halfway up the stair.

I missed you on the Tuesday,
Clothes not back from the 'drette
I didn't know there was one,
And I've never found it yet.

I missed you on the Wednesday
You said the cat was sick
But I saw it scratchin' it's ass in the driveway
There was nothing wrong with it

On Thursday I took to wonderin'
If there was more than met the eye
Of course I volunteered the notion
It might be some other guy.

So I came back on the Friday
'Course you asked me where I'd been
I said is that a pair of boots I see
Or are my old eyes lying.

Well you chased me all round Saturday,
Nearly caught me one time too
Till I discovered you liked the chase
And turned the tables on you.

Well, I saw the Doctor on the Sunday night
For the black eye and the nose
I don't blame you, if the cat had moved
I wouldn't have got those.

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Re: Some Days are Meant.

Sounds like Ellis Hall to me, he´╗┐ was singing lead for them at this time.

Re: Some Days are Meant.

I really like this, and can see it (hear it) as a song.  Great job!!

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Re: Some Days are Meant.

Yeah, Good stufff Strans,

I like it, a lot.

Old Doll.

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Re: Some Days are Meant.

compose it, seriously start working on it, i can't wait to hear it.