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Very Cute Lena!  A nice little comic relief to my morning smile

I had the opportunity to visit for a short bit on Saturday with an old family friend from Ireland.  Her husband used to work on the Railroad with my father, both now are retired.  She said that her family was from Southern Ireland.  She is such a trip!  Josephine has always cracked me up with her accent, especially when she says to me, "Oh darling, you've always been me favorite you know.  All the bloody rest o' them are..." and then as she goes off about the rest of them, while making a Manhattan from her cooler in the back yard.  But then my husband or brother walks by and she stops to tell me how "beautiful" and handsome he is.  And then she's off on a jaunt about the muscles and this that and the other thing, drooling over the men!  LOL!  It doesn't take her long to go back to what a "darling" I am!  I would have liked to ask her some questions about home, but she was far too interested in staring at the men lol

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hi helena,brilliant,we've got a old fellow plays the accordian with his dog and a bloke playing violin,but that was wicked....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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I have seen that, Old Doll and it is brilliant.  Thanks for bringing it back.  I had forgotten about it.

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